Dear participants and esteemed advisors,

I am delighted to be welcoming you to the first session of MUNACTIVE ONLINE as the Secretary-General. On behalf of the Organization Team, we have worked extremely hard to provide a high-quality conference experience for all of our participants. Our organization and academic team have spent a great amount of time to create a welcoming environment for delegates nationally and internationally.

Having chosen this year's theme "Unity in diversity" we are aiming to provide all our participants an opportunity to take part in fruitful and enriching discussions. We will have 5 committees in total which will include diverse and engaging topics. Since our committees are affiliated with various procedures, all of our participants will be able to experience different perspectives of the conference.

All of our committees require the utmost collaboration between participants and an innovative approach towards solving the issues at hand.

During these 2 days, all participants will be going through an enjoyable process full of crises, resolutions, and directives. At the end of this conference, we are anticipating our participants to be more aware of the world around them, caring for what's happening in their arousals, and trying to be more constructive to all possible problems they might face in the future.

Since we are going through a devastating process of a fatal virus, it is a great pleasure to maintain personal improvement on our long journey of life to become an exceptional citizen. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing you at MUNACTIVE Online.

Best Regards
Secretary-General of MUNACTIVE Online


Esteemed Participants, Dear Delegates, Distinguished Student Officers, Honorable Advisors,

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the first online session of “MUNACTIVE” as the Director General of the conference.From the stage of this conference being an idea till the very end all of the aspects of this conference has been handled with the up most profession to make sure we present you a great exprience that is fullfiling.We aimed to benefit you with a safe,professional space where you can both learn and have fun with engaing topics and interesting committees with our executive,academic and organization team working tirelessly to ensure every little detail is taken care of.

Solidarity in Diversity is an idea which means solidarity among people who have certain distinctions among them. These distinctions can be based on culture, language, belief system, religion, order, class, ethnicity, and so on. Besides, the presence of this idea has been since days of yore. Individuals have reliably demonstrated this admirable conduct wherever on Earth. The idea has surely brought about the moral and good advancement of humankind.Variety is what makes aspects of the walk of life unique in every way imaginable to the point where diversity becomes a strong bond among us.

Altough we are in so called modern times,our differences which make us unique have been in the way of us progressing as a society. Solidarity in Diversity surely upgrades the nature of collaboration. This is a result of the advancement of trust and holding among individuals. As such the coordination and participation turns out to be effective. Thusly, the pace of fruition of activities fundamentally increases.Recognizing and valuing each other's disparities not just makes a domain that is comprehensive to everybody, except it is probably the most ideal ways for gatherings to think inventively and produce thoughts for effective living. Assorted variety permits us to perceive our disparities as something worth being thankful for. Praising our various capacities, foundations, and convictions is fundamental in understanding our general surroundings. When you can see others with sympathy the open doors that you will experience will appear substantially more achievable.

I am honored to be welcoming all of you to “MUNACTIVE” as I believe not only will your political and debating skills will enchance,you will also have a memorable conference with full of memories and I can assure you we are doing our best make that possible with unification of our differences.

Director General
Dora Güvengiz