Futuristic Crisis Committee

Our Futuristic Crisis Committee takes place in 2124 when the technology industry landscape has started to evolve after the invention of a portal gun by an anonymous scientist group and many countries started coming up with plans but little did they know that the ownership of the gun was not specified. The gun has the enhancement of cognitive and various abilities and it has become a necessity in defense, offense, and day- to- day environments. It is crucial that the usage of the gun isn’t as opposed to each country’s policy and is not the reasoning behind a conflict. In addition to that, delegates are expected to know their gun policies since the committee will carry out with the main focus being taking custody of the portal gun and the most successful delegate will receive full custody. Whoever gets the custody of the gun will control the access of opening portals which will have many benefits such as transportation and bending space-time.

This committee will follow its' own procedure.

Agenda Item : The invention of a portal gun by an anonymous science organization and the documentation, ownership process